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After Builders Cleaners

By getting your property back to its normal condition, post-renovation.
Why should you trust us?

You will get a guarantee that our After Builders Cleaners who are expert’s use the best tools and solutions, as well as our professional knowhow all for a price you can afford.

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Receive a Precision Post Builder Clean in Glasgow

You can:

  • Choose how long your service lasts– make your decision based on the size and condition of your property. You will only be charged by the hour
  • Get high-grade equipment and detergents– these tools are included in the price of your job. They will not cost you a penny extra
  • Use us on domestic and commercial properties– it does not matter where you’ve had renovation work performed. You can always get our help
  • Hire a fully insured workforce– make sure your home gets back to normal ASAP by hiring our dust and debris removal specialists
  • Benefit from help seven days a week– do you work a lot? Do not worry – we will work flexible hours to help you out. Weekend and Bank Holiday slots are available

Your Service Will Include…

A top-to-bottom clean of your entire property. Meet our post construction cleaning team on-site and then watch as every single speck of the builder’s are removed. Just make sure the builders are completely finished before you call us in as we don’t want them coming back and making a mess again

if you request it, we will dispose of any leftover construction waste! Moreover, builders may have accidentally splattered your carpeting and windows with paint and plaster. Do not hesitate to ask us to remove these unsightly markings

Trained and Vetted Experts Can Help By:

Providing all necessary equipment including vacuums, scrubbers, pressure washers, and much more. These tools and products are of the highest quality. They are professionally approved and are not available over the counter.

Our After Builders Cleaners will have you back in your favourite Chair In No Time

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