Electrical Fault Locating Glasgow

Electrical Fault Locating Isolation and Repair Glasgow

Electrical Faults Intermittent  


Do you have any electrical Sockets, Electrical Switches or Electrical Lights that Keep Causing Problems

Err on the side of caution!  Call : 07923232414


Are any of your Home or Business electrics
causing problems you are not sure of?

Err on the side of caution!

We provide an on Call 24/7 Emergency service to locate, isolate, report and repair any electrical faults you may have either in your home or in your Business premises.
Whether the electrical problem or fault concerns damaged or faulty electrical sockets or faulty  electrical wiring on any of your internal or external circuits, our qualified electricians will accurately locate the source of the problem.

We will suggest to you the best course of action, then carry out any electrical necessary requests you ask us too.

We will make safe the faulty electrical circuit or device until you decide on your course of action.

We know that when your power fails, the first thing that goes through your mind is “PANIC” what has happened, how do I get this sorted!

Our 24/7 Emergency contact number: 07923232414 we will talk to you over the phone to assess the problem and if we feel it’s necessary, we will come to your location locate the faulty electrical problem.

Why Not Save our number in your mobile, just in case for some unforeseen reason you find yourself in this position.

No need to panic just give us a call and we will soon have the problem solved and your power on.

All of our works fully guaranteed, with our public liability and indemnity insurances our aim to give Clients peace of mind and customer satisfaction as we at Jedi Services ltd aim to deliver 100 percent satisfaction no matter how big or small the job.

If you require any information or assistance Contact Us:

Phone/Text Mobile: 07923232414 or Email Us

Call Us on : 07923232414  or use the Contact Form to Arrange a Call Back

Contact Us on : 07923232414

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