Electrical Installation Condition Report

Electrical Inspection Condition Report


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Electrical Installation Condition Report

This is an inspection on the condition of all existing electrical installations within the premises, it is carried out
to identify any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installation.

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This law came into enforcement on 1st December 2015


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We at Jedi Services Ltd will carry out an EICR – Electrical Inspection Condition Report Test & Inspect all existing electrical installations within your premises.

This includes, but not limited to:
if any of electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded
It will reveal any poor electrical work
It also discovers any potential safety risks such as electrical shocks
It test’s to establish the adequacy of earthing or bonding
checking the serviceability of equipment
It determine the extent of any wear and tear and damage
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Landlords and Letting Agents
The Scottish Government has created new legislation to help protect tenants which means that if you are a landlord in Scotland
you must ensure that your property is safe for your tenants.
Since 1 December 2015, private landlords must have an EICR – Electrical Inspection Certificate Report, that’s up to date electrical safety inspection of their property at least every 5 years. Call  : Freephone: 08000903754

This inspection is split into 2 main parts known as PAT and EICR.

PATPortable Appliance Test. This test is carried out if you have provided any portable appliances in your rented property.

EICRElectrical Installation Condition Report. Safety tests will be carried out on the electricity supply to the property
eg electrical fittings such as sockets and light switches and fixed electrical equipment such as hard-wired smoke detectors and storage heaters. 

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Home owners

Should get them tested at least every five years to check whether they are still safe to use.
This should be done for peace of mind as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will show any faults or potential
faults within your home leading to Fires, Electrical shocks or even worse the Loss of life

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Selling or Buying a House/Home

If you are buying a new home you want your family to be safe in one of the biggest purchases that you are likely to buy in your life.

If you had the choice would you buy from someone who could provide an
Electrical Installation Condition Report or buy from someone

who could not provide one!

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Selling a home

If you could say to a potential buyer, here look at this your family will be safe, with regards to the electrical installation
in this house would as you provide the EICR Certificate, would the cost of an EICR be worth it!

Its not mandatory yet to provide this, but home buyers are becoming more aware of these things, 

(See our REWIRING page)
However in saying that, the frequency of domestic EICR’s is 10 years or change of occupancy to inspect the condition of the
electrical system and ensure there is no deterioration of the electrical system.

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