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If you have moved home, you need to know about the electrics in your new property.

Be extra cautious if the property is old as it runs a higher risk of having faulty wiring.

Don’t put your life or your investment at risk.
According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS):

“Property surveys that do look at electrics only include a “visual inspection” of the electrics that are on show.”
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RICS advise clients to be extremely cautious if the electrics look suspicious because of the potentially high costs of putting things right.

How old is the wiring?

  • Faulty and ageing wiring is one of the major causes of electrical fires in the home.
  • Faulty electrics are responsible for over 12,000 fires and electrical shock incidents in the UK each year.

Therefore, it is fundamental to ensure your electrics are professionally installed and up to date, in line with the BS7671 standards.

If you are a Landlord, Employer, or a Homeowner (looking to buy or sell), it is your responsibility to make sure the property is technically safe and secure. Call : 07923232414

You can avoid these by having regular checks carried out on the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories.

We offer electrical safety inspection reports which highlight any areas that do not follow national electrical safety standards and are potentially unsafe for use.

Common warning signs

Frequent blown fuses

Broken Insulation

Light bulbs that often burn out a socket

Buzzing or Sizzling Sounds

Any form of Burning Smell

Diming or Flicker of the Lights

Sparks when you Plug in or Unplug a Cord

Electrical Shock when you Plug In A Cord

Signs of Outlet Overheating or Damage

Re-Wired Fuses Rather than Trip Wires

Cast Iron Switches or Wooden Backed Fuse Boxes

Braided Flex Hanging from Ceiling Rose
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Other Less Obvious Warning Signs

Any New Home Appliances or Improvements that could put Pressure on your System

If you Reply on Extension Cords

If your Home is 40+ Yeats Old

Cloth Coated Aluminium Cabling

LED Coated Cabling

Please do not put Your Family, Your Home, Your Property Your Neighbours and Yourself in Danger.

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