Emergency Electricians Glasgow

Emergency Electrician Glasgow
Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754


Emergency Electrician

Require an Emergency Electricians 

Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754


Electrical issues can happen at any time do not let it ruin your day

Err On The Side of Caution – We can Provide an Emergency Electrician 24 Hours A Day


In today’s economic climate, we understand that everyone is trying to save money.

However, we strongly advise against trying to fix electrical issues yourself. 

Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754

Jed Services 
Emergency Electrician
will resolve your problem in a timely manner.

We will ensure that you, your family, your Home or Business are safe before we leave your property.

Our Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance are there to give you
our client’s peace of mind, knowing
that all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754



We will provide a fast-response electrical services to domestic and commercial customers
Glasgow and surrounding area’s  who are experiencing electrical issues that just cannot wait to be resolved.

use someone who is not A Qualified Emergency Electrician
to work with electricity
in your Home or Place of Business.

We do not charge the earth, we are fair, and we are Trained Emergency Electricians

When you call, we will talk to you on the telephone to see if we can help in the first instance.

However, if this is not possible we will send an Emergency Electrician to assist you.

Emergency Electrician

Never Take Electricity For Granted
CALL US 24/7
Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754

No matter what kind of property you have, electricity is an integral part of its daily operations.

It is important to remember that electricity and electrical systems can be extremely dangerous.

As a property owner safety should be one of your biggest concerns.

All property owners should ensure that their electrical systems are maintained to the highest standard
to provide a safe and reliable dwelling for those who use them.

This Includes Land Lords, Letting Agency’s and Employers Especially after this period of Inactivity
to the Corona Virus.
Who is doing the Maintenance of Your Electric’s ?
Is there been any Damage, Water Leaks and is it an Old Building with an Old Electrical Infrastructure?

Electricity helps keep you, your family, your home and your work force safe.
It is also a fact that sitting in the dark is no fun, why not save our number in your phone just in case
or call us and have your electric’s checked and put your mind at ease.
Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754

or Email Us to arrange that check-up.

Call us on Any Time of the day 24/7
Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone: 08000903754


Mobile: 07923232414
Freephone : 08000903754

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    Whether You Would Like Us to Work on An Electrical Project or Set up An Electrical Maintenance Contact or arrange for an 
    Emergency Electrician
    on Standby Just
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    Mobile: 07923232414
    Freephone: 08000903754

    All Our Staff Are Fully Trained and Insured, With All The Relevant Certificates.

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    We at Jedi Services Ltd are proud team who have many years of experience in providing Glasgow Electrical Services  in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential field.

    The Glasgow Electricians that we use to carry out client projects have been chosen for a specific skill set ensuring that every single aspect of your project is completed to a pristine finish.

    For our Clients piece of mind we have:

    Electrician Liability Insurance

    Electrician Glasgow Insurance

    Public liability up to £5,000,000

    Employers liability up to £10,000,000