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Our Staff  specifically trained to BS 5266-1:2011 can Test, Repair and Install your Emergency Lighting,
without interrupting your businesses day-to-day operations.

Reliable Emergency Lighting Systems

Do you require up-to-date emergency lighting systems?

NICEIC Jedi Services Ltd

Here at Jedi Services Ltd, we install, service and maintain your emergency lighting in accordance with the current British Standards. It is crucial to have a properly functioning emergency light system as they are required in buildings for providing minimum lighting to facilitate evacuation if regular main-powered lighting fails during a fire.

Emergency Exit Light

If ever a fire or an event occurs that interrupt the lighting in your premises, it is essential that the safest and quickest routes to exit must displayed Emergency Lighting to allow your customers and employees to exit safely.

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All employers are required to identify Emergency Exits using Emergency Lighting high visible signs to show
employees the quickest and safest exit route from anywhere in their place of work by law.

Highly-Qualified Team Offering Emergency Lighting Testing

We can bring in our Lighting Specialist who will do a walk-through of the Floor or Building layout and will provide
you with a 3D-Diagram of the requirements that best suits your building or Floor layout at no extra cost.  

With years of experience, the necessary accreditations, and complete training, our team of expert engineers
are all highly-qualified to industry standards. Plus, their training is regularly refreshed to keep them up-to-date with developments in our industry.

Our trained BS 5266-1:2011 staff can assist you in correctly position your Emergency Lighting signs and ensure
that they work for a minimum period of 3 Hours on battery power We can ensure
all your emergency lighting confirms to this standard.

Emergency Lighting Exit Sign

Jedi Electrical Services Ltd engineers can test the existing emergency lighting in your premises, and advise on and supply BS5266 compliant emergency Lighting products and services.

Jedi Electrical Services Ltd can not only test, but advice and repair any  emergency lighting faults and We Provide the appropriate certificates required by law to show that you have meet the Emergency Lighting 3 Hour  Emergency Test requirements for Emergency Lighting.

We can also assist you with your Emergency Lighting by provide monthly testing, quarterly testing, annual testing, and repairs or maintenance logbooks.

NICEIC Jedi Services Ltd

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Mobile: 07923232414


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